Would-be abductor stops traffic (AAP) - ( 4U5TR4L14 )

A would-be abductor stopped traffic in an attempt to drag a teenager to his car in Melbourne’s west on Thursday night.

A 19-year-old woman had been waiting for a bus in Sunshine at 7.30pm when a male driver pulled up on the street and dragged the teen towards his vehicle.

Police spokeswoman Kelly Yates said the offender, aged in his mid-30s, blocked east-bound traffic on Monash Street so he could approach the girl.

Ms Yates said the woman resisted and screamed, which caused the man to let go of her and drive away.

The teenager had noticed a dark-coloured hatchback drive slowly past her. It later drove past her again before stopping.

The offender, who was wearing a black suit jacket and dark-coloured pants, was of Asian appearance, about 170cm tall with short black, straight hair and a black moustache.

Police are keen to speak to the drivers of two cars that were in the area at the time of the incident.

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