Qld grandmother in carjack ordeal (AAP) - ( 4U5TR4L14 )

A Brisbane grandmother has described the terrifying moment she was carjacked while her baby granddaughter was in the back seat.

The 54-year-old was in a dark car park of an inner city unit complex waiting to pick up her son about 9.30pm (AEST) on Saturday night when the thief struck.

He tapped on the window with what she believes was a pistol.

The woman, who did not want her name published, said she opened the car window thinking it was her son.

“He said, `get out of the car. This is true, it’s a hold-up. Just do as I say and you’re going to be OK’,” the shaken woman told AAP.

“All I could think of was our little grand-daughter.

“I said, `please, whatever you do don’t take off, I’ve got my grand-daughter in the back’.”

The man in his 20s let her take the seven-month-old from the car and even helped her unclip the baby seat.

He warned her to keep quiet and said the police were after him.

“He said, `keep it quiet and you’ll be fine but if you mutter a word you’re going to be in trouble’,” the woman said, adding that she’d felt sick with fright.

“He definitely had something which I thought was a little gun, a pistol…I thought oh my god, he’s holding me up, I’ve got to do what he says.”

The woman said the man, who was wearing a black beanie and dark clothes, drove off as soon as she had the baby out of the car.

She alerted passersby who came to their aid.

The woman, from Brisbane’s east, said the horrible ordeal had made her paranoid about being held up again.

She hopes police find the thief and her son’s car, a silver 2002 Nissan Patrol station wagon with registration 168 GWV.

It was last seen on Main Street at Kangaroo Point, in Brisbane’s inner south.

Police are investigating and urge anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers.

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