Bikie brawl was a cry for help, court told (AAP) - ( 4U5TR4L14 )

A man sparked a brawl outside a Gold Coast restaurant so police would realise his life was being threatened by up to 60 bikie gang members, a court has heard.

Jason Trouchet, 39, is applying for bail in the Southport Magistrates Court after being charged with affray following a brawl with several members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang.

Trouchet’s lawyer Jason Jacobson told the court his client started the brawl in a bid to attract police attention after he was threatened by up to 60 members of the bikie gang.

Mr Jacobson said Trouchet had been told “this is it” by the lead member of 20 Bandidos who surrounded him while he dined at Aura Restaurant.

After saying “Really? Not in the restaurant, let’s take it outside”, Trouchet panicked when he saw a group of about 40 Bandidos waiting outside.

“It put him in a very precarious situation,” Mr Jacobson said.

He told the court his client is not, nor has he ever been, a member of a motorcycle gang.

He said the matter was a personal one between his client and one of his assailants, and was not a gang feud.

Trouchet’s co-accused, Matthew Sward, 25, is also seeking bail after being charged with affray.

In opposing bail, prosecutors suggested both men were a threat to public safety.

Trouchet was also in danger of further attacks and being remanded in custody would offer protection, the prosecutors said.

The hearing has been adjourned until 11am.

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